Over the Garden Wall - Behind the Scenes

Here are behind the scenes of a new show that will air on Cartoon Network in fall 2014. The series is created by Patrick McHale.



Accent: Baby Guardian

Accent: Baby Spiral

Accent: Baby Blue Tundra

Accent: Stray Skycat

Accent: Baby Fae

all in the AH now for 500 gems/225k! There aren’t that many left of any of these, so snag one while you can!

As always, you can use this tool to preview it on your dragons!:




i want a bf :/

and by bf i mean Benjamin Franklin as in a 100 dollar bill


when Nathan said this the entire theater started cheering and yelling 

oh my god this movie was so great


imagine an aesthetic con

vaporwave blasting all throughout the hotel. everyone cosplaying or carrying around roman statues. many pastels. potted plants literally everywhere. windows 95. macintosh. everyone is taking pictures of the pool